Video making can be a fine art.


The journey of filmmaking is so amazing. You start off with great confidence, and develop insecurity at the time of release. When you are ready with the finished product, you are constantly wondering if you have been honest to the story you started out with, if you got what you wanted. One is too close to the project by then to be objective.


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You’ve probably got a device on you that can shoot decent video, so what’s stopping you? Capture and share some moments.




10 tips to improve your video editing quality

The first time I saw my father’s video editing. He edited while I played with my Scalextric under the dining room table. He listened as the tapes of his camera went back and forth, repeating the same fragment and the same song. Until one day we decided to record with my toy treasure island and that’s when it all started.

Be Aware Of The Video Characteristics That Your Camera Has

improve your video editing quality

Take a look at the instruction manual to know in what format your camera records, resolution, and frames. This is essential because when editing you will need to know it to correctly configure your editing project in the program you use. If you have doubts, you can see this other post that we publish in CasanovaFotoBlog.

If you use the Adobe Premiere program you will not have much problem because it detects the metadata in which you have recorded a video. And if you have configured it wrong, it will alert you and ask you if you want to change it or keep it as is.

 Make Sure You Have The Right Computer Equipment

Video editing requires a lot of power from our computer. If you already have one, check its features in case you need any expansion. If you are going to buy a new one, do it thinking especially about the edition.

And also think about some hard drives to store all the material, the video takes up a lot.

Once you have finished editing, keep the final video and delete the gross ones (I insist, delete the gross ones, the world is not going to end, really).

Recommended Features for FullHD and 4K

  • Intel i7 Xeon processor
  • RAM 16-32Gb
  • SSD hard drive for OS and RAID HDD 7200rpm programs to store data
  • NVidia graphics allows the program to take advantage of multiple GPUs

Get Familiar With The Vocabulary Related To Video Editing


  • Viewing / Raw material
  • Continuity / Raccord
  • Inner rhythm (don’t fall in love with blueprints)
  • Distort
  • Air
  • “We fix it postponed …”


  • Project / Sequence / Final assembly
  • Import / Process / Export
  • Grading
  • Framing / Shot / Focus
  • Resolution / Frames

Find A Program That You Feel Comfortable With

In my case, I started with Pinnacle and Ulead Video Studio. In my career I learned how to use AVID, I also tried Final Cut, Premiere, and Sony Vegas.

I have stayed with Adobe Premiere because when I tried it, it was the one that seemed most intuitive to use and the one that gave me the least problems when importing different formats.

I recently tried Premiere Elements and found it to be a good tool for amateur and professional editing.

The free and basic ones like Movie Maker or iMovie seem very limited to me, but to start I recommend trying them.

Soak up the instruction manual

When you find a program that you feel comfortable with, soak up the instruction manual for it. Yes, yes, as is, study it (even if it has 300 pages). And, if you have any doubts, sign up for a course.

You have to be patient and practice to infinity and beyond with personal projects where you can go wrong.

Find Another Program To Edit Color And Audio

Programs for video editing are specially prepared for video, but not for retouching the color or making deep audio adjustments, so if you have to adjust the audio, it is better to do it with a program designed for that.

I have tried Audacity, which is free, Soundbooth, and Adobe Audition. All three work fine, but in the end, I stuck with Audacity for its intuitive interface.

As for color retouching, so far little could be done with Premiere, so I tried SpeedGrade and After Effects. Now that Premiere has new color retouching features, I prefer it. Although, as I always tell you, try to solve these issues during recording and do not leave it for editing, both in video and audio.

Be Proactive

When you are recording, do the white balance correctly, frame, focus well, and think about leaving enough air to avoid clipping afterward, that is, leave enough margin without cutting heads, for example.

Also, think about recording a few seconds before and after each take to ease in and out points when editing or applying transitions.

Order The Material

As I have told you to erase the raw material once you have finished, while you are using it and you need it, keep it well stored and organized in folders by projects.

Why? To avoid scares. If you start video editing and during editing, you change the gross places, the program will not know how to find them and a warning screen of orphaned files will appear and what you have edited will disappear. It has a solution, you simply have to tell the program the new place of the brutes and that’s it, but hey, you can save yourself all that trouble.

In addition to the gross ones, I also usually save the music I use, photos, effects, etc. in the same folder. Once the editing is finished and the video is exported, you can change the location of the raw files or delete them, but remember that you will no longer be able to make any further modifications to the final project without those files.

Slowly And With Good Handwriting

Before exporting the final video, review the editing very well so that you do not have any errors. Depending on the length of the video and the retouching, the export may take a short time or a long time. And when I say a lot I mean more than 2 hours, quietly.

Therefore, make sure that the edition is completely correct and in what format you are going to export. I recommend that you export in H.264 format with the setting that interests you the most. Premiere has a list of very useful options specifically designed according to where we will hang the video, such as YouTube and its different resolutions. Try to export according to the characteristics which you have recorded. The more you compress, the longer the export will take.

Don’t Make Plans When You Have To Edit

Editing a video takes time, even if it doesn’t seem like it. The approximate calculation that I do, and that works for me, is that one minute of edited video equals one hour of editing in real-time. That is, if you are going to edit a three-minute video, at a good pace and without counting the color retouching, effects, titles, etc., it will take approximately 3 hours.


The new social networks and their impact on companies

How are companies doing on platforms like Twitch or Tik Tok? The third edition of UNIR Marketing Day analyzes it from the hand of different players in the sector.

We live in a changing social environment that evolves faster than the forecasts of business schools and the social platforms through which we communicate are transformed at the same speed. The networks that have been with us the longest have mutated and newer ones (TikTok, Twitch…) are experiencing an unexpected boom.

These were the main ideas of a meeting moderated by Curro Palma, Managing Director of Contrapunto BBDO, in which Fátima Martínez, CEO of Social Media FM and author of ‘El Libro de TikTok’ participated; Karen Moctezuma, Head of eSports & Gaming at MKTG Dentsu and Mohamed El Ben, CEO of Bushido Talent.

“We hope that, from time to time, in the appearance of these social networks there will be different players and agents of the sector that enlighten us on the way since it is not always easy to follow the flow of these new platforms,” said Curro Palma in the introduction of the meeting. A “fantastic” debate on the impact of these new networks and the keys for companies to function in them, with a single objective “to help open their eyes and better understand this environment”, to the students of the Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing of UNIR and in the ‘ Specialty in Social Media and Influencers Marketing’.

Twitch and TikTok: what rules define these new social networks?

define social networks

Mohammed El Ben

TikTok is very fresh and fast content. Algorithmically, TikTok is a monster, since it is capable of having you for hours and hours on that social network giving you content that you like; that has been its success. In addition, this social network has known how to play its cards. It has greatly limited the content that is out of tune or the bad comments to have a very white audience and gradually introduce education and outreach issues, in which not only the young audience has a place. Creativity prevails, which is what brands want in social networks.

For its part, Twitch is having a lot of success because it is a kind of live YouTube, with which you can interact with streamers, which is giving a new, fresh and current version of the old YouTube.

Fátima Martínez

The rule that defines these new networks is their naturalness. I think that if there is something that is reaching the user and that we are all asking for, it is naturalness. If we compare TikTok with Instagram, in this social network there is much more posture. Especially in Latin America, where the public is much more expressive and has fewer qualms about sharing than in Spain.

TikTok has assembled a group of creators (doctors, lawyers, financiers, teachers …) who have generated all the educational content, which they have promoted with the hashtag #AprendeconTikTok, to give a twist to a social network, which is no longer just for children or teenagers. Its audience has changed substantially since it started as

Karen Moctezuma: Twitch is a platform that when it is presented to a brand gives a lot of joy. Do you know that this network was called Justin? Tv and it was created in 2007? In 2011 it was when he began to get on the gaming platform for live eSports competitions. So for the user, this increases the prescription of the person who is talking about a product. When it is a person you know, and who is close to you, that is when advertising works best, when it does not seem like advertising.

For its part, TikTok generated educational and scientific dissemination content during the pandemic. The same platform realized, in this infinite search for what to do. That they had a very good opportunity and they are taking advantage of it.

Clubhouse, from an exclusive social network to a digital “market”

Fátima Martínez

I entered in January and grew very fast in this social network. Where we find commercial brands and many professionals in the sector. Such as communication and marketing directors. It was a very serious network, where to make rooms to share and contribute. But in Spain, there has been a serious problem of smoke vending. Social networks are made by users and, in Spain, we were unlucky that it fell into the hands of the wrong person and they upset it a lot. I think the future of Clubhouse is now compromised when it has been a fantastic network. Also, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are working on similar projects.

Karen Moctezuma

A similar network is Stereo, which was fashionable among younger people. It is true that even if a network is successful in the beginning. The use that is made of it will guarantee its survival over time. About Clubhouse, I started with great enthusiasm and with a professional perspective to be able to exchange ideas. And listen to people and, in the end, this social network has become a market. If they don’t bring it back to the essence of the platform. I don’t think it will stand a chance, because brands also get tired of seeing few results on it.


Impact of video marketing on social networks

One of the most used and fastest-growing media in marketing is videos. And social networks are the best medium for its dissemination.

The reach, interactivity, and “engagement” that social networks have with the audience are the main factors of the exponential growth they have had. In recent years, video has gained ground within the networks, generating interesting data on the impact they have had.

What is video marketing and why are you interested in it?

As its name suggests, video marketing is an online marketing tool. Which is based on the use of audiovisual images. Mainly through the Internet, to achieve different objectives of the marketing strategy.

In short, and in a simple way, it is about adding videos to your content marketing.

It seeks to create shareable pieces (although they do not necessarily have to become something viral). And optimize for the particular ones of each social network.

Creating quality video content is an investment in time and effort, but doing it is worth it. Of course, if you have a well-defined objective for the videos within your marketing strategy.

One of the most used and fastest-growing media in marketing is videos. And social networks are the best medium for its dissemination.

The reach, interactivity, and “engagement” that social networks have with the audience are the main factors of the exponential growth they have had. In recent years, video has gained ground within the networks, generating interesting data on the impact they have had.

Facebook’s Domain

In addition to having a gigantic number of users (1.7 million). They also own other social applications such as WhatsApp (one billion). Messenger (one billion), and Instagram (500 million).

In relation to video marketing, the time that Facebook users spend watching videos increased 80 percent, becoming the main content of the platform.

Popularity Measurement

social media video popularity

To consider the success of a video, different metrics are taken, not just the reproductions.

Other measurement factors are:

Automatic reproductions, the total time that the user watched the video. The visibility, and the platform on which it was viewed.

Differences Between Platforms

Each of the social networks has different methods to determine the views of their videos.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter consider a video playback after the first 3 seconds. While YouTube requires the person to view 50 percent for it to count as a playback.

In addition, each application has its peculiarities in terms of measurement depending on whether it is the desktop version or the mobile version.

Different Impact On Social Networks

Although Facebook has a larger number of users, they participate more with video posts within Twitter and even Google+.

In relation to age, a high percentage of active users on social networks is under 35 years of age. For their part, videos on social networks have a very high percentage of reproduction in all networks. Although it has not yet been determined whether the time is prolonged or minimal.

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How to compress a video without losing quality?

There are many techniques for compress a video and image, but they all use loss compression somehow. Loss is typically expressed in the number of original bits (64 KB, for example) per processed bit. For example, It is easy to demonstrate that for images and videos. It is usually impossible to compress them without losing data. This means that there will always be a loss of quality for any video or image compression algorithm.

How to compress a video without losing quality?

To better understand this concept, we need to know what happens:

1) The first step is to divide the whole video into small sections called frames.

2) Each frame is then compressed to a given bit depth by taking it as an image with the aid of a codec.

3) The last step is to put all these frames together in order and compress them as a video.

How is it done?

compress a video with quality

This process has been made possible thanks to video compression algorithms such as JPEG 2000, H.264, Theora, and VP8. Which companies like Google, Apple videos for their products.

The main difference between the loss compression algorithms is that they use different mathematical equations to process video or image data.

A codec can be defined as rules describing how information should be represented symbolically and encoded (e.g., an image codec such as the JPEG standard).

A codec performs compression using a compression ratio (the amount of space saved) which is often measured by comparing size before and after or bandwidth required to transmit data.

Another definition is that it can be described as an algorithm that transforms any input to the desired output.

In other words, it takes the given information and processes it so that it can be transmitted or stored as efficiently as possible.


It offers an online tool to compress videos without loss of quality. You can use this free service on their website to compress a video for your personal or professional usage. Their algorithm is based on the theory of wavelet compression, which provides high-quality video images even at low bitrates.

It works by dividing a video into bands and compressing them separately. It is similar to what moviemakers do when they shoot scenes with different light intensities.

So, for example, you can compress your lengthy wedding video containing very bright direct sunlight without losing any important details. In shadows by providing the maximum number of waves (bands) at a “low” compression level.


Another tool to perform lossless compression is Shotcut which is also free. You can download it directly from their official webpage and install it on your computer or laptop to use it for any video editing needs.

It doesn’t have the online version that VideoSmaller provides. But it is just as effective in compressing videos without losing quality. Shotcut is a cross-platform application used on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems. It supports all the main video formats such as Flv, mp4, Mkv, among others.

The compression ratio provided by Shotcut lies between lossless and lossy codecs, which provide a high quality of images at a relatively low bitrate.

In addition, compress a video, enables you to edit or add effects in the video and audio tracks. As all the processes are done in real-time, you can view a clip before even rendering it due to their powerful technology called ‘lazy lighting.’

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What is a boudoir photoshoot?

Boudoir photography gets its name from the French word “boudoir,” which means a private room to relax and feel comfortable. Boudoir photography is becoming increasingly more popular in the United States. It is seen as a gift for spouses or significant others who want to see their loved ones feeling beautiful, sexy, and vibrant.

Boudoir photo shoots have been around since the mid-19th century. The French invented them in the 1800s and it was a very popular form of art. In those days, women would give their boudoir photos as gifts to husbands or lovers. A lot had changed since the 19th century when these photos were so popular, but they have increased in popularity by leaps and bounds over the last few years.

What is the purpose of boudoir photos?

Some boudoir photoshoots are for the woman to give as gifts to her significant other. Some women like to have them done by themselves so they can look at them over and over again, appreciating their beauty.

Boudoir photography has no real purpose other than it is a way of showing appreciation for oneself. No matter the reason for these photos being taken, they are beautiful and can be very sensual.

This form of photography has been made famous by photographers like J. Blackshear, who started a new boudoir photography genre called “Pin-up Boudoir.” The idea behind this is that women can pose in pin-up poses or classic poses that men have enjoyed seeing for decades. Photographers like J. Blackshear make women feel beautiful and more confident in their skin, so it is no surprise that the demand for these types of photos has grown over time.

What to wear?

A man or woman can take boudoir pictures, but most people prefer them taken by another woman. This is because women can understand what makes a woman feel beautiful and are more likely to make the shoot fun and exciting while the photographer is taking them, instead of making her uncomfortable.

The number one rule about boudoir photography is: DO NOT OVERDO IT! What you wear to these shoots should be clothing that you feel comfortable in. Women should wear clothing that makes them feel sexy and beautiful, not clothing they think is sexy and beautiful. You do not want to wear clothing that makes you feel uncomfortable because then your pictures will come out blurry or bad angles will make it look uncomfortable.

A lot of women choose to wear lingerie, but you do not have to. If you feel comfortable in lingerie or a teddy, then go for it! However, if the thought of wearing that makes you uncomfortable, don’t force yourself to wear them just for the shoot. It can come across as fake and forced, which will show through in the pictures.

When looking at boudoir pictures of other women, it is easy to get caught up in the lingerie and come across as fake. You should find something that makes you comfortable! This way, you can have fun during the shoot because you are not trying to please someone else.

You should wear something that you feel comfortable in. You want to look and feel sexy, but not vulgar. Lingerie can be worn as well as a nice cotton nightgown or silk robe. The key here is to make sure the clothes fit you properly & are appropriate for the occasion.

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How to loop a video of YouTube in different platforms?

You are on YouTube and you come across that song that you love and without a doubt, you want to listen to it all day, or you are doing a project and you need to watch the video more than once to fully understand all the information. Anyway, you just want that video to play all the time. With the loop function, you can make it very easy. Here we explain easily how to loop a video.

First, we will start with the simplest. We will teach you how to make a video repeat on your PC with the loop function. You can also do it on your iPhone or Android mobile. It will only take a few steps. You must bear in mind that Android does not have the most recent version. You will have to perform more steps than on an iPhone.

How to loop a video for PC

  • You go to YouTube in your browser and log in.
  • Go to your history to find the exact video you want to watch again.
  • After finding it, play it and in the same video, press the right button on your mouse.
  • A list of options will be displayed. Press “loop.”

Ready now, you can enjoy the video as much as you want and if you now want to remove it, repeat the previous steps, press “loop,” and the video will no longer play.

Remember that the Android version does not currently have the loop function, so now, you can apply this function on your mobile by following these steps. The first thing you should do is enter YouTube through your mobile browser and now follow these steps.

How to make a video loop for Android

  • After entering YouTube, the recommended YouTube videos will appear by default. In the upper right, press the three points.
  • In the displayed list, press “desktop” this is so that it looks like the screen of your PC on your mobile.
  • Click on “access” in the upper left to log in. This will make it easier to find the video in history.
  • Then find and play the video. Press and hold the screen with your finger to bring up a list where you will press “loop.”

As simple as winning subscribers on YouTube. At some point, the browser will show you a dialog window, asking “if you want to log into the application” always press “no” because, in the version of YouTube you have on your mobile, you will not be able to do these steps. Now we go with the steps to activate the loop function on your iPhone.

iPhone and its new features in iOS 14 make it one of the most sought-after brands globally, but YouTube does not improve at the speed of the iPhone, so we have to look for tricks to enjoy our favorite videos. With this trick, you will create a playlist to help you with the loop function on your iPhone.

How to make a video loop for iPhone

  • Enter the YouTube application on your mobile device and play the video.
  • Under the video at the bottom right of your screen, choose “save.”
  • A list will appear that says “save to …” and press the “+” symbol to create a new list.
  • Ensure that when you are putting the name of your list, the option of “privacy” is in “private” so that only you can see the videos.

Your list was created, now go to the YouTube menu and enter “library.” You will see the list you created, enter and the video will be played again in the lower-left corner. There will be the loop symbol. Press it and that’s it.

Don’t have to create a new list every time you want to watch a video in a loop. If you put more videos in the list, the loop will only affect the video being played.

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The best platforms for video marketing

Within a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, video marketing is one of the key pillars. Currently, more than 90% of consumers go to see videos of companies’ products and/or services before making a purchase decision. The increasingly low costs of content production, together with the zero economic cost of its distribution, makes video marketing a very effective promotional tool.

At our entire disposal, we have video platforms with a large audience, through which we can disseminate our audiovisual content for free or at a very low price. We highlight the following:


The third most visited website on the entire Internet and with more than 1,000 million users, YouTube is a  must for the everyself-respecting marketer. Youtube has become, with its worldwide, the social channel of reference for viral marketing, being the favorite site to promote spots, video clips, tutorials, short films, courses, demonstrations, etc. Brands can create channels on the portal and personalize them with their corporate image. Youtube also allows you to create live channels and pay channels. As an added bonus, videos can be monetized through Google Adsense and the program youtube Partners. In principle, the duration of the uploaded videos is limited to 15 minutes, but once the account is verified and if YouTube’s policies regarding intellectual property are complied with, this limitation is canceled.


Video and social network platform that was a pioneer in supporting high definition content (1280 x 720 pixels). Vimeo userswith free accounts can only upload up to 500MB of standard format videos and only one HD video per week. All other HD videos that are uploaded in the same week will be automatically converted to standard definition. Vimeo’s payment plan, called Vimeo Pro, allows users to upload up to 1000GB of storage per year (20GB per week) and upload HD videos without any limits. It also allows the creation of channels, groups, and albums without restriction, as well as the viewing of videos without advertising. Vimeo Pro users also have the ability to earn income from their creations, either by selling or renting them, through the Vimeo On Demand program.


French video portal that has a quite remarkable mass of users, remaining, according to data from, among the 100 most visited sites on the Web. Daily Motion allows for HD video uploading and has fairly few restrictions on the nature of the uploaded content, as long as copyright is respected.


The Spanish video portal is similar to Youtube and DailyMotion. Any user can upload content to the platform for free, which has social network functions. Videos are limited in size to 50MB.


Another veteran video-sharing website that specializes in short-form video entertainment. Mostly in the categories of movies, video games, sports, music, and TV.


The Veoh platform combines user-generated content with that of large companies such as CBS, ABC, Viacom’s MTV Networks, or ESPN. Editors can customize the presentation of their content. Automatically post via RSS feeds and organize video programming into episodic series or entire channels.

Video hosting website specialized in web series and designed for content producers. supports a wide variety of video formats, offers distribution via RSS and the organization of content by episodes.


This is a video hosting platform dedicated exclusively to commercial videos. Originally targeting eBay sellers, the service was expanded in 2008 and now offers business-oriented online video services. Among its features, it stands out its integration with Dropbox, mass upload, and creation of video sitemap for SEO. The cost of the service starts at $ 20 per month and offers a 30-day free trial.


The popular image hosting social network also allows you to upload videos. At Flickr, we have free and pro accounts. Free accounts only allow 2 video uploads per month (maximum 90 seconds, 150MB per video), while pro accounts allow unlimited uploading of videos (maximum 90 seconds, 500MB per video) and the ability to display them in high definition.


Although it is obvious that Twitter is not a video platform itself, it is one of the best sites to disseminate this format. In addition to promoting videos hosted on third-party sites, such as Youtube, DailyMotion or Vimeo, simply by pasting the link or uploading videos through the official Twitter mobile application


Instagram allows us, through its mobile applications, to upload videos. A function that adds new and interesting possibilities to share our stories and a great marketing tool for brands. Of course, the videos cannot exceed 60 seconds.


The publication of videos on Facebook is a great opportunity for brands to get their content to their target audience. Users of social networks increasingly prefer video content. And thanks to it we can get more traffic, more views, and greater engagement.

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The 5 best video tools for your social networks

The war is on video. After Snapchat and Instagram, which have been competing for several years, it is now WeChat’s turn to step on the beds of TikTok. As Valentin and Ambroise explain from the excellent Culture Numérique podcast, the Chinese social network will soon launch a new feature allowing users to record short videos like TikTok.

While the rise of video is no longer to be proven, discover through this article five video tools that will allow you to create original and differentiating videos for your social networks.

1- PlayPlay, video tool

Known by many of you, PlayPlay is a French tool, launched in March 2017, which allows you to create engaging videos in minutes. If you are a fan of videos from the “Brut” media, PlayPlay will appeal to you. Depending on your needs: Community Management, Marketing, employer brand, internal communication, etc. You will be able to create videos illustrating podcasts, customer reviews, interviews, Top 5, etc. A comprehensive template library is available. If you prefer to start from a blank page, this is also possible.

PlayPlay allows you to create videos from images, gifs, videos, add text, add music, not to mention your branding, namely your logo, and why not your baseline.

Depending on the social network you want to post on, you will be able to choose the format of the video. The handling of the tool is very simple.

On the price side, it is possible to test the tool for free for 7 days. If you are won over, the first offer starts at 160 euros per month, for one user. You then have the option to add users or additional features according to your needs.

2- Kapwing, the complete video platform

For this second tool, I suggest you discover Kapwing. This online platform allows you to create images, GIFs and videos, in a collaborative way. Indeed, several people can work on videos at the same time, in real-time, a bit like on the tools of the Google suite.

Kapwing includes several tools, which allow you to create looped videos, speed up a video, add text. Kapwing also allows you to create GIFs, memes, collages, and stop motion videos. A very practical feature of the tool especially nowadays, the possibility of adding subtitles. While many videos are played without sound, sound is essential if you want your message to get through, especially on mobile. The feature is very easy to use and allows you to get captioned videos in a matter of moments.

There are two types of subscriptions on Kapwing. The free one removes watermarks, limits downloads to 500MB, and provides access to all platform tools. The other one paying $ 20 per month, limits file downloads to 1 GB, allows SRT files to be downloaded, gives the option to make content private, and provides access to premium features.

3- Animoto, the video tool full of resources

This video tool, well known to the general public and businesses, allows you to create videos using the drag and drop system. The operation of Animoto is very simple. Just select a template or create a video from scratch. Then drag and drop your photos and videos.

Animoto also provides access to a million Getty Images photos, a huge plus in creating your videos, and especially if you are looking for quality visuals.

=> discover our article on royalty-free visuals for social networks

Afterward, you can adjust the colors, fonts, music to personalize the video, according to your needs or your brand image. To finish, just download the video and share it on your social networks.

Animoto works with the majority of social networks: LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter. And even with a well-known CRM: Hubspot.

For prices, it is possible to test this video tool for free for 14 days. There are 3 formulas per year or per month:

  • Personal at 8 euros per month or 60 euros per year
  • Professional which costs 54 euros per month or 348 euros per year
  • Business whose price is 85 euros per month and 648 euros per year.

Depending on the formula chosen, the videos can be downloaded in 720p or in 1080p. Access to resources is also different. On the Personal plan, the Animoto logo will be present, while with one of the other two formulas, the latter disappears and you can drag your logo.

4- InVideo, one of the most complete video tools

With its 1200 templates, InVideo is one of the flagship video tools, used by Microsoft, Reuters TV, and Zoho. InVideo allows you to create videos from scratch or from one of the available templates. At the time of creation, add your images, your videos or do your research among the 3 million contents available.

InVideo also offers a smart assistant, which guides you in editing your videos with tips on your videos.

InVideo also offers various features, such as the ability to convert articles into engaging videos, create a video from a URL, or even create an intro or outro for your logo.

InVideo offers two monthly or yearly subscriptions

  • Business: at $ 20 per month or $ 120 per year
  • Unlimited at $ 60 per month or $ 360 per year

In both cases, it is possible to add an unlimited number of members to your account.

5- The classics: Adobe Premiere Pro / Final Cut Pro / iMovie

The tools mentioned above make it possible to create videos for social networks, without the need for special skills or to have internal resources. The video was not born yesterday and many professional video tools allow to obtain quality results, with impressive effects.

If Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and iMovie don’t ring a bell, let Google and the plethora of tutorials guide you through to train you in these tools and create exceptional videos.

The AgoraPulse bonus

Finally, discover a mobile application, available on iOS, which allows you to create original stories, a format that is now essential on Instagram and Facebook: Chroma Stories. At the initiative of the project, Facebook alumni. This application offers nearly 300 different templates to create engaging stories. Change the background, choose from over 60 fonts, add photos or videos and publish your stories! A perfect complement to the video tools mentioned in this article.

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What makes a good photograph?

If you see a person in the viewfinder, forget it. It is his thought that you must portray. Someone said this about a “nice photo “. Because just as there is no instruction manual for taking a beautiful photograph, at the same time, there is no form that suggests which is the winning subject or the right moment to capture. It is a question of emotional flair, content, poetry, and soul that must be transposed onto paper.

What makes a good photograph?

A beautiful image can also be objectively ugly, not entirely correct from a technical point of view, yet exciting. Those that are commonly defined “” errors “” in the field of photography can also turn into merits or even stylistic choices. And then you may be wondering: how to try to put something so that by definition is not ordered?

There are points of view from which you can take inspiration to enrich your visual sensitivity, educating it to the concept of “beauty”. Read on and get some tips that will be very useful for you to practice.


On beauty, philosophers, writers, musicians, painters, even mathematicians have questioned themselves. It is a concept that embraces humanistic and scientific disciplines, adults and children, simply for one reason: beauty is daily emotion.

Every day we are surrounded by visual stimuli that we consider pleasant, sensational, or of little importance. The Greeks tried to create the ideal beauty, and although some recognize the perfection of their sculptures, it leaves them nothing but a pleasant vision. For others, however, the harmony of those proportions becomes sublime and excites them a lot.

But what do you consider beauty? Because here is the heart of the matter. Have you ever wondered, even before broadcasting it in one shot, what does it mean to you? No one must share beauty, which will not make it any less beautiful, as long as you consider it to be so. If you’re willing to defend a shot because it’s right for you, you’ve found the winning spirit.


A photographer has a fortune that he sometimes forgets: there is no limit to his possibilities. Everyday life, places, people, atmospheric events, places, expressions, time. All features can be stopped in a “click.” But this can be a double-edged sword because if it creates infinite possibilities, on the other, you don’t know where to start.

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Not sure which options to choose? Choose them all. Try to spend a day of furious creativity, play with your goal, but give yourself some rules. Otherwise, you risk creating everything and not creating anything.


“Photography is an art; indeed, it is more than an art, it is the solar phenomenon in which the artist collaborates with the sun”. When Alphonse de Lamartine uttered this phrase, he meant a very simple concept: a photographer’s best ally is light.

When we talk about light in photography, we don’t necessarily have to mean something clear. Even if it is natural to do so, it is a common mistake. Caravaggio made his fortune with dim light. He painted darkness with light, not light with darkness. Referring to lighting in the photographic field means creating a way to make the light give the desired effect to your subject.


Never forget that no matter how much technology has helped photography a lot, it always remains support and not a foundation to rely on. In a traditional shot, the format of a photograph in the lens is always square and, in some circumstances, rectangular, but never round or triangular.

The golden ratio helps every photographer in the first few shots. It is a mathematical method, also called “divine proportion”. It is a very particular spiral that, placed horizontally and flipped above and below, and vertically helps the photographer understand the rules of composition.

If you never know where to put your subject, if you can’t identify the position if you can’t figure out whether to center it or leave it to the side, help yourself with the golden ratio. Imagine it is within your screen, suppose its perimeter in your lens, carefully visualize the subject within this pattern and move accordingly to follow its boundaries.


Anyone can take a photo today. But a beautiful photo, today, cannot be taken by anyone. Having a tool in your hand that allows you to take pictures is not the same as knowing how to tell them. Technology, for this reason, is very risky. He gave an access card to anyone, whereas previously there was no possibility. It would also be wrong not to admit its usefulness, but when it acts as a help, not as a foundation.

When you take a photo, don’t think, “I’ll edit it anyway,” because that post-production modification will make your photo fiction, a reworking, the result of the content that is not pure. Rather use it when you have taken a great photo if something unexpected has occurred.

But going to act on the entire photograph, showing the medieval Cathedral only at a later time in all its majesty to underline the message of architectural grandeur, will not be creativity but fiction. The attentive eyes, those who choose to observe with the heart, will always notice a shot that is not pure.

The images speak even before you give them the word, for this reason, a good photographer should allow the technology to be there, but with the necessary and famous pliers.

Some ways to make money with photos

In recent years, souvenir photos are a must: holidays, birthdays, weddings, parties, sports essays and much more are regularly immortalized by improvised photographers who, thanks to increasingly advanced tools, can obtain ever better photographs and which can also be sold and therefore giving him away to earn with photos.

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How to remove audio from a video on my iPhone?

Muting the audio of a video recorded with the iPhone previously required using a third-party app. For several versions of iOS, Apple has introduced an improvement in its Photos app to remove the sound from our videos. In this way, it is not necessary to resort to an external utility, and we take advantage of the resources of the operating system itself.

How to post a video on Instagram?

Uploading full videos to Instagram is simple, but what about stories? If you’ve ever seen one of your favorite Instagrammers upload videos telling something that happened to them in a bunch of stories in a row, you may have wondered how you can do the same. The reality is that Instagram does not make it easy at all … so let’s see how you can do to achieve it.

Instagram is a social network originally designed to be very visual, thanks to the fact that it was designed to publish photos or short videos. However, a few years ago, they nailed it by launching a feature that is currently the most used: Stories.

How to post a video on Instagram?

This new idea allowed uploading videos of a maximum of 15 seconds that were automatically removed from the profile after 24 hours. This was a revolution that almost all social networks wanted to copy, but almost no one has managed to match.

The evolution of stories

But like everything that is launched on the internet, in the end, it is the user who determines its use. Many still use Stories to upload funny posts, or even silly things, or to publish short content.

However, many others use it to publish long-lasting content. To do this, they upload a lot of ordered stories or directly a video cut into small parts. But how do they do it?

How to upload a complete video to Instagram Stories

The short answer is that it cannot be done quickly. The long answer is that it requires an app and a bit of patience to get it working.

First, you have to record the entire video you want to upload. It is best to do it in a vertical format since it is the same for stories.

Once we have the video, the next step is to use one of the many applications that exist, both for Android and iOS, to divide the video into several parts, depending on its duration.

Many of these applications are paid, but if you are going to use them often, it is worth paying to avoid the annoying publicity or, worse, that the final video appears with a watermark.

The result is that we will have a lot of small clips of no more than 15 seconds in our phone library. With this little trick, we can now upload the video to Instagram Stories in a simple way, just as we would with any other store.

Upload a full video to Instagram

But what if we want to upload a video to our profile. For this, the social network has the option of Instagram TV. If the video does not last more than one minute, it will be stored in our profile and anyone can see it.

If the video exceeds that duration, it will have to be stored on Instagram TV and the user will be able to see it in their content feed for up to one minute, with the warning that if they want to continue watching it, tap to go TV.

Upload an already recorded video to Instagram Story

In addition to recording a video with the Instagram camera, you can also upload videos that we already have in the phone gallery. To choose one of them, you just have to click on the camera icon that we saw above and slide your finger up anywhere on the screen.

This way, we will access the gallery, from where we can select the video. Keep in mind that the ideal format for stories is vertical recording, so if we upload a video horizontally, it will appear as a thumbnail on the screen and the rest of it will be shown in a single color.

In addition, you also have to take into account the length of the video. Each Story is a maximum of 15 seconds long. If we upload a video that exceeds that time, Instagram will split it into as many 15-minute Stories as necessary until it reaches the maximum minute of duration. If the video is longer than a minute, all content that exceeds that time will not upload to the Story.

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