How to post a video on Instagram?

How to post a video on Instagram?

Uploading full videos to Instagram is simple, but what about stories? If you’ve ever seen one of your favorite Instagrammers upload videos telling something that happened to them in a bunch of stories in a row, you may have wondered how you can do the same. The reality is that Instagram does not make it easy at all … so let’s see how you can do to achieve it.

Instagram is a social network originally designed to be very visual, thanks to the fact that it was designed to publish photos or short videos. However, a few years ago, they nailed it by launching a feature that is currently the most used: Stories.

How to post a video on Instagram?

This new idea allowed uploading videos of a maximum of 15 seconds that were automatically removed from the profile after 24 hours. This was a revolution that almost all social networks wanted to copy, but almost no one has managed to match.

The evolution of stories

But like everything that is launched on the internet, in the end, it is the user who determines its use. Many still use Stories to upload funny posts, or even silly things, or to publish short content.

However, many others use it to publish long-lasting content. To do this, they upload a lot of ordered stories or directly a video cut into small parts. But how do they do it?

How to upload a complete video to Instagram Stories

The short answer is that it cannot be done quickly. The long answer is that it requires an app and a bit of patience to get it working.

First, you have to record the entire video you want to upload. It is best to do it in a vertical format since it is the same for stories.

Once we have the video, the next step is to use one of the many applications that exist, both for Android and iOS, to divide the video into several parts, depending on its duration.

Many of these applications are paid, but if you are going to use them often, it is worth paying to avoid the annoying publicity or, worse, that the final video appears with a watermark.

The result is that we will have a lot of small clips of no more than 15 seconds in our phone library. With this little trick, we can now upload the video to Instagram Stories in a simple way, just as we would with any other store.

Upload a full video to Instagram

But what if we want to upload a video to our profile. For this, the social network has the option of Instagram TV. If the video does not last more than one minute, it will be stored in our profile and anyone can see it.

If the video exceeds that duration, it will have to be stored on Instagram TV and the user will be able to see it in their content feed for up to one minute, with the warning that if they want to continue watching it, tap to go TV.

Upload an already recorded video to Instagram Story

In addition to recording a video with the Instagram camera, you can also upload videos that we already have in the phone gallery. To choose one of them, you just have to click on the camera icon that we saw above and slide your finger up anywhere on the screen.

This way, we will access the gallery, from where we can select the video. Keep in mind that the ideal format for stories is vertical recording, so if we upload a video horizontally, it will appear as a thumbnail on the screen and the rest of it will be shown in a single color.

In addition, you also have to take into account the length of the video. Each Story is a maximum of 15 seconds long. If we upload a video that exceeds that time, Instagram will split it into as many 15-minute Stories as necessary until it reaches the maximum minute of duration. If the video is longer than a minute, all content that exceeds that time will not upload to the Story.

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