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The real estate market is experiencing a moment of transformation in which new opportunities are emerging. A transformation that, due to the pandemic. And according to the Trends in the Real Estate Market in Europe 2021 Report prepared by PwC and the Urban Land Institute (ULI). Has been accelerated through the implementation of new technologies and the digitization of processes.

The use of the internet of things in our daily lives is increasingly palpable and the financial sector is one of the first to adapt to this technological trend. This technology, known in English as the Internet of ThingsĀ  (IoT), has allowed the connectivity of all kinds of objects through sensors that use application programming interfaces (or APIs) to create a network that exchanges data in real-time.

Like every year around this time, we dare to anticipate the keys and technological trends that will mark the coming months. For this, we have analyzed what happened in 2021. An atypical year where they exist and consulted the most relevant sources in terms of...