The 5 best video tools for your social networks

best video tools for your social networks

The 5 best video tools for your social networks

The war is on video. After Snapchat and Instagram, which have been competing for several years, it is now WeChat’s turn to step on the beds of TikTok. As Valentin and Ambroise explain from the excellent Culture Numérique podcast, the Chinese social network will soon launch a new feature allowing users to record short videos like TikTok.

While the rise of video is no longer to be proven, discover through this article five video tools that will allow you to create original and differentiating videos for your social networks.

1- PlayPlay, video tool

Known by many of you, PlayPlay is a French tool, launched in March 2017, which allows you to create engaging videos in minutes. If you are a fan of videos from the “Brut” media, PlayPlay will appeal to you. Depending on your needs: Community Management, Marketing, employer brand, internal communication, etc. You will be able to create videos illustrating podcasts, customer reviews, interviews, Top 5, etc. A comprehensive template library is available. If you prefer to start from a blank page, this is also possible.

PlayPlay allows you to create videos from images, gifs, videos, add text, add music, not to mention your branding, namely your logo, and why not your baseline.

Depending on the social network you want to post on, you will be able to choose the format of the video. The handling of the tool is very simple.

On the price side, it is possible to test the tool for free for 7 days. If you are won over, the first offer starts at 160 euros per month, for one user. You then have the option to add users or additional features according to your needs.

2- Kapwing, the complete video platform

For this second tool, I suggest you discover Kapwing. This online platform allows you to create images, GIFs and videos, in a collaborative way. Indeed, several people can work on videos at the same time, in real-time, a bit like on the tools of the Google suite.

Kapwing includes several tools, which allow you to create looped videos, speed up a video, add text. Kapwing also allows you to create GIFs, memes, collages, and stop motion videos. A very practical feature of the tool especially nowadays, the possibility of adding subtitles. While many videos are played without sound, sound is essential if you want your message to get through, especially on mobile. The feature is very easy to use and allows you to get captioned videos in a matter of moments.

There are two types of subscriptions on Kapwing. The free one removes watermarks, limits downloads to 500MB, and provides access to all platform tools. The other one paying $ 20 per month, limits file downloads to 1 GB, allows SRT files to be downloaded, gives the option to make content private, and provides access to premium features.

3- Animoto, the video tool full of resources

This video tool, well known to the general public and businesses, allows you to create videos using the drag and drop system. The operation of Animoto is very simple. Just select a template or create a video from scratch. Then drag and drop your photos and videos.

Animoto also provides access to a million Getty Images photos, a huge plus in creating your videos, and especially if you are looking for quality visuals.

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Afterward, you can adjust the colors, fonts, music to personalize the video, according to your needs or your brand image. To finish, just download the video and share it on your social networks.

Animoto works with the majority of social networks: LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter. And even with a well-known CRM: Hubspot.

For prices, it is possible to test this video tool for free for 14 days. There are 3 formulas per year or per month:

  • Personal at 8 euros per month or 60 euros per year
  • Professional which costs 54 euros per month or 348 euros per year
  • Business whose price is 85 euros per month and 648 euros per year.

Depending on the formula chosen, the videos can be downloaded in 720p or in 1080p. Access to resources is also different. On the Personal plan, the Animoto logo will be present, while with one of the other two formulas, the latter disappears and you can drag your logo.

4- InVideo, one of the most complete video tools

With its 1200 templates, InVideo is one of the flagship video tools, used by Microsoft, Reuters TV, and Zoho. InVideo allows you to create videos from scratch or from one of the available templates. At the time of creation, add your images, your videos or do your research among the 3 million contents available.

InVideo also offers a smart assistant, which guides you in editing your videos with tips on your videos.

InVideo also offers various features, such as the ability to convert articles into engaging videos, create a video from a URL, or even create an intro or outro for your logo.

InVideo offers two monthly or yearly subscriptions

  • Business: at $ 20 per month or $ 120 per year
  • Unlimited at $ 60 per month or $ 360 per year

In both cases, it is possible to add an unlimited number of members to your account.

5- The classics: Adobe Premiere Pro / Final Cut Pro / iMovie

The tools mentioned above make it possible to create videos for social networks, without the need for special skills or to have internal resources. The video was not born yesterday and many professional video tools allow to obtain quality results, with impressive effects.

If Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and iMovie don’t ring a bell, let Google and the plethora of tutorials guide you through to train you in these tools and create exceptional videos.

The AgoraPulse bonus

Finally, discover a mobile application, available on iOS, which allows you to create original stories, a format that is now essential on Instagram and Facebook: Chroma Stories. At the initiative of the project, Facebook alumni. This application offers nearly 300 different templates to create engaging stories. Change the background, choose from over 60 fonts, add photos or videos and publish your stories! A perfect complement to the video tools mentioned in this article.

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