The best platforms for video marketing

best platforms for video marketing

The best platforms for video marketing

Within a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, video marketing is one of the key pillars. Currently, more than 90% of consumers go to see videos of companies’ products and/or services before making a purchase decision. The increasingly low costs of content production, together with the zero economic cost of its distribution, makes video marketing a very effective promotional tool.

At our entire disposal, we have video platforms with a large audience, through which we can disseminate our audiovisual content for free or at a very low price. We highlight the following:


The third most visited website on the entire Internet and with more than 1,000 million users, YouTube is a  must for the everyself-respecting marketer. Youtube has become, with its worldwide, the social channel of reference for viral marketing, being the favorite site to promote spots, video clips, tutorials, short films, courses, demonstrations, etc. Brands can create channels on the portal and personalize them with their corporate image. Youtube also allows you to create live channels and pay channels. As an added bonus, videos can be monetized through Google Adsense and the program youtube Partners. In principle, the duration of the uploaded videos is limited to 15 minutes, but once the account is verified and if YouTube’s policies regarding intellectual property are complied with, this limitation is canceled.


Video and social network platform that was a pioneer in supporting high definition content (1280 x 720 pixels). Vimeo userswith free accounts can only upload up to 500MB of standard format videos and only one HD video per week. All other HD videos that are uploaded in the same week will be automatically converted to standard definition. Vimeo’s payment plan, called Vimeo Pro, allows users to upload up to 1000GB of storage per year (20GB per week) and upload HD videos without any limits. It also allows the creation of channels, groups, and albums without restriction, as well as the viewing of videos without advertising. Vimeo Pro users also have the ability to earn income from their creations, either by selling or renting them, through the Vimeo On Demand program.


French video portal that has a quite remarkable mass of users, remaining, according to data from, among the 100 most visited sites on the Web. Daily Motion allows for HD video uploading and has fairly few restrictions on the nature of the uploaded content, as long as copyright is respected.


The Spanish video portal is similar to Youtube and DailyMotion. Any user can upload content to the platform for free, which has social network functions. Videos are limited in size to 50MB.


Another veteran video-sharing website that specializes in short-form video entertainment. Mostly in the categories of movies, video games, sports, music, and TV.


The Veoh platform combines user-generated content with that of large companies such as CBS, ABC, Viacom’s MTV Networks, or ESPN. Editors can customize the presentation of their content. Automatically post via RSS feeds and organize video programming into episodic series or entire channels.

Video hosting website specialized in web series and designed for content producers. supports a wide variety of video formats, offers distribution via RSS and the organization of content by episodes.


This is a video hosting platform dedicated exclusively to commercial videos. Originally targeting eBay sellers, the service was expanded in 2008 and now offers business-oriented online video services. Among its features, it stands out its integration with Dropbox, mass upload, and creation of video sitemap for SEO. The cost of the service starts at $ 20 per month and offers a 30-day free trial.


The popular image hosting social network also allows you to upload videos. At Flickr, we have free and pro accounts. Free accounts only allow 2 video uploads per month (maximum 90 seconds, 150MB per video), while pro accounts allow unlimited uploading of videos (maximum 90 seconds, 500MB per video) and the ability to display them in high definition.


Although it is obvious that Twitter is not a video platform itself, it is one of the best sites to disseminate this format. In addition to promoting videos hosted on third-party sites, such as Youtube, DailyMotion or Vimeo, simply by pasting the link or uploading videos through the official Twitter mobile application


Instagram allows us, through its mobile applications, to upload videos. A function that adds new and interesting possibilities to share our stories and a great marketing tool for brands. Of course, the videos cannot exceed 60 seconds.


The publication of videos on Facebook is a great opportunity for brands to get their content to their target audience. Users of social networks increasingly prefer video content. And thanks to it we can get more traffic, more views, and greater engagement.

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