The best video editing tips for beginners

Video editing tips for beginners

The best video editing tips for beginners

Videos play an essential role in social networks. Especially those networks of brands and companies that use them as a marketing strategy. Thus, video editing work takes a fundamental place, while the content must achieve a professional appearance that captivates the public.

If you want to make your own videos and you don’t have much editing experience, here are some tips that will be very useful for you.

Choose A Suitable Video Editor

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The first step to follow is to choose a suitable video editor. It is true that there are different programs and each of them has its own characteristics and levels of complexity. The choice between one or the other will be determined by the needs and requirements of the editor. And what they want to achieve with the video. Thus, it is possible to find software that requires purchases and license payments. Or even an online video editor accessible to all types of audiences.

Tell a story

When using the video editor you must make sure that the final product tells a story. Therefore, it is important to plan ahead or have a script to follow the process in the most orderly way possible.

Take Into Account The Type Of Shots, Angles, And Sequences

In general, videos often start with wide shots that put viewers in context. In case there are actors, it is always good to use close-ups so that their emotions and expressions can be seen. If objects are filmed, wide pans and then closer shots can be used to show them more faithfully. These are just some nuances that you can do with video editing and achieve an entertaining product.

Cuts And Rhythms

The rhythm of a video will be determined by how the editing work is done, and the fluidity with which one image passes to another. The idea is to find this rhythm and manage to maintain it from start to finish.

Social media videos tend to have a very dynamic flow and speed so that it is engaging for the audience and they do not leave quickly. In this sense, effects play a fundamental role, whether they are transitions and effects for sound or images.

Tease The Viewers

A video editor must always think about the feelings and reactions of the viewers. If you want to create excitement, fun, joy, or adrenaline, then the editing will be one way or another, using different effects, cuts, and sounds.

Organize Your Stuff

In order to have a more orderly edition, the ideal is that you can organize your material beforehand. You can save it in folders and classify it according to its content, so that later if you need it you can search for it and find it quickly.

Edit The Video In Two Sessions

In the first session of the edition, you must make the first montage, which does not require details but to cut out the most important and structural material of the story. There you will also eliminate that material that you will no longer use.

In the second phase, you will be able to meet the project to incorporate the transitions, and effects and finalize the details of it.

It is important that you take breaks in the editing process because if you spend a lot of time working on it, you can lose your visual judgment. The ideal is to rest a little and then return with more energy and a more renewed look.


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